8 Social Media Tools and Apps You Should be Using

These eight resources will streamline your digital marketing efforts and help you create more impactful content. 


If you're looking to schedule out your social media posts, track the performance of your content, and want a simple interface for doing so, Buffer is the way to go. Buffer is one of the most recognized tools in the industryβ€”we recommend checking out their blog, too! You can also use Buffer to follow up on your posts, evaluating which ones were most effective, and why they were effective.


Canva can make even the most amateur designer look professional. Quickly customize their templates for a graphic that fits your needs. Design social media imagery, flyers, invitations and more with this program.

Concept Office

If you're looking to create a cohesive theme on Instagram, an app like Concept Office is a must-have. It allows you to upload images to the app where you can then arrange them and see how your Instagram feed will look prior to posting. See how we use it here

Video Saver

This app is maybe a little lesser-known but definitely important. It's literally called 'Video Saver' but you can do so much more than just save videos. See an image on Instagram that you'd like to repost without a watermark? Copy the link to the image you'd like to save and insert that link into video saver where you can then download it directly to your camera roll. You can also save Youtube videos as well! 


Snapseed is a powerful photo-editing app that gives you more effects and features than VSCO or Instagram's native editing feature. Whether you want to perform basic image enhancements or get more creative with your editing, the free Snapseed app is a great tool for improving your iPhone photos.


Gifs can help convey emotion on social media and plus, they're just fun to use! Giphy is by far our favorite site for finding gifs. They have a database of literally millions of gifs organized by keywords so whatever gif you're looking for will be easy to find. 

Google Drive

From creating spreadsheets, to organizing photos and documents, Google Drive does it all. You can easily access your Google Drive files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more. We love it because it helps keep files organized and you can easily share access to content through the app. 

Campaign Monitor

If you're serious about email marketing, Campaign Monitor is the email platform you should be using. It's minimal interface, impressive analytics and easy to use transactional capabilities make it a no-brainer for small businesses. Campaign Monitor is a little more expensive than other programs out there, but once you use it you're sure to love it.