Why you should hire a social media firm

Have you thought about hiring a social media firm but weren’t quite sold?

We understand.

Maybe you’re wondering if the ROI is really there. Or perhaps you’d like to take a DIY approach to your marketing.

Hiring a social media firm isn’t about giving up control or that you couldn’t do a fine job yourself. But, it’s about allowing yourself more time to do what you’re best at while having an effective social media strategy running in the background.

Here’s the main benefits of hiring a social media firm:

Save Time:

If you don’t want to spend the time sitting down every day at your computer learning new social media tools and updates, then a social media agency is a great way to save you time.

If you’re a business owner you most likely are a professional in something other than social media marketing. Which means you are probably too busy to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and its changing landscape.

The experience that a social media agency brings to the table means there’s no figuring things out and testing different ideas that may or may not work. A good social media agency has a plan, knows what will work and knows how to help your business gain success online.

Consistent brand messaging and social content that stands out:

When you hire a good social media firm, you can be rest assured that all content posted across social media will be on-brand and have an eye catching aesthetic that attracts followers and customers. Hesitant about having an outside firm post for you? Don’t worry, we’ll send a monthly content calendar for you to approve.

Expertise & experience.

Hiring a full-time in house marketing manager can be a good idea for some businesses, but it definitely comes with more risk than an agency. What if they can’t deliver or aren’t as up to date on all the new marketing tactics as they appeared? Our low-risk contracts and affordable rates make us the easy choice. And our proven digital marketing strategy have helped dozens of brands grow.

Effective Facebook & Instagram ad management that drives sales.

With Facebook’s organic post reach continuously decreasing, running Facebook ads are essential to social media success.

The good news? Social media firms like us know how to stretch your ad dollars and show optimal ROI. Just this past June for instance, our wedding venue client received 14 Facebook leads with just an ad spend of $50!

From creative details like design and copy to the fine details of timing and budget, running an ad yourself is understandably daunting. Leave this to the pros and you’ll receive maximum potential.

Ready to Bring a Social Media Agency on Board?

Remember: social media isn’t just about posting content occasionally and expecting results.

Investing in a social media marketing firm like SoSocial means you’ll have the support and insight to help you build a better business.

Have you struggled with ROI in your social media efforts? Reach out to us for a free consultation. We’re St. Louis, MO based and are passionate about helping small businesses succeed.

Lindsey SummersComment