7 digital marketing tips to overcome a sales slump

With warmer months approaching, sales can start to cool off. Summer is notoriously a slow time for businesses that aren’t seasonal. This year, get ahead of an incoming Summer slump with these digital marketing tips to boost sales.

Understand your target audience + post consistently

Before we get into the meat of this post, let’s reiterate the importance of understanding your online audience. Who are you speaking to with your social content? Head to your insights tab on Instagram and Facebook to see a breakdown of your follower demographics. Understanding this audience helps you discover the right types of content to share, the ideal platforms to join, and the customer needs you will want to fulfill. Once you’ve identified who’s already following you, you need to determine a realistic posting schedule that you can maintain. This is the most important aspect of social media marketing and the one that busy small businesses tend to have the most trouble with, consistency. If consistency is something your brand has issues with, it may be time to consider hiring a professional social media marketer.

Summer Holidays

With Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Back to School and Labor Day coming up, there are many opportunities for your business to stir up interest with new marketing campaigns and promotions. Start planning your promotions in advance so that you have time to design social graphics, newsletters and any other marketing materials you’ll need. Consumers are always searching for deals during holidays, so be sure not to miss these opportunities to boost your sales this Summer.

Influencer Marketing

Partaking in influencer marketing is a sure fire way to get your product in front of a new audience. Influencer marketing is ideal for gaining brand exposure and can have a serious impact on sales when done correctly. Find a micro-influencer (someone with 2,000-50,000 organic followers) that would be open to reviewing and promoting your product/service on social media, most commonly Instagram, in exchange for payment or free product. If you have more questions about this, reach out to us here.

Email Marketing

Email has the highest ROI of any other digital marketing channel, so naturally when sales are slow, email can provide a boost. Tie your email marketing into any Holiday promo efforts and you’re sure to see some traction.


When engagement and conversions are low, a giveaway can definitely get more eyes on your brand. Our favorite giveaway platform to use is KingSumo. KingSumo is our favorite because it creates a clean landing page for entries and stores the emails of the entrants so that you can add them to your newsletter lists.

Boosted Posts

With Facebook and Instagram algorithm changes and organic post reach dwindling, boosting posts and running ads is a necessity to increase reach. Just $25-$50 spend on an ad can make a huge difference when done correctly.

Fresh Content

When business is slow, the best thing you can do for your brand is to focus on content creation. Invest in photoshoots, design new social media graphics, write blog posts, film videos, etc. This will keep your audience engaged and your brand looking refreshed.

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