Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Feel like your small business has fallen behind in the digital marketing sphere? The beauty of marketing online is that there's virtually a level playing field. With a few simple implementations and a strategy that's tailored for your industry, you can quickly become competitive online. 

The Basics

1.    A mobile responsive website that's SEO friendly

Develop and design a simple, responsive website that includes key information about your business. With over 60% of online searches completed on a mobile device, a quick loading website is a must and will help with organic search rankings. Here's an example of a minimalistic, effective website SoSocial created for JLander Salon. Make sure to add a blog section and have a professional copywriter create engaging content while utilizing valuable keywords to increase your search rankings.

2. Develop an email list and consistently send promotions

Email marketing is one of the highest converting forms of digital marketing, yet astonishingly, it is the least utilized. Easily create an email list by adding a form on your website or a pop-up that offers a special incentive for signing up. Be sure to get permission to use existing customers' email addresses as well. Next, use Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or another email service provider and design a template that's cohesive with your branding. Send emails that offer seasonal promotions, newsletters on company happenings, et.c Here's an example of our own email marketing design for reference. 

3. Utilize social media

Create an enhanced customer experience and generate exposure online with a professional social media presence. Social media is a place to build brand loyalty. Use the 80/20 rule when postingβ€”80% of your content should be interesting to your audience and 20% should be promoting your brand. SoSocial has helped numerous businesses with their social media presence. Life's Rad, a Southern California apparel company, recently enlisted our help with their social efforts and the results have been impressive.

If you're ready to take the next step in growing your business, contact us today. We're local, affordable and produce impactful results. Let's chat!