Rethinking your email marketing strategy in 2018

While newer digital marketing tactics like video seem to get all the focus, email marketing can become a second thought. However, email marketing is shown to have the highest ROI of any marketing channel available! But, if you aren’t optimizing your email campaigns for conversions, then you could be missing out on valuable clicks, leads, and ultimately, revenue for your business. 

Let's make sure you're generating the best possible results from your campaigns with the following principles.

Principle 1: Make sure your email is mobile responsive

With 74% of smartphone users checking their email from a mobile device, it's crucial that your email campaigns are responsive. If your campaign isn't responsive, it could look amazing on desktop and completely different on other devices. MailChimp measured a 15% increase in click through rates among mobile users when using responsive design. 

Principle 2: Easy to read with clear call-to-actions

With our busy lives and short attention spans you can't expect every word of your campaign to actually be read. Scrap long, text-heavy emails and instead structure your campaign for readability with an emphasis on a call-to-action. Provide a succinct headline that highlights the key message, then add supporting points and visuals that keep the reader intrigued. The reader is then presented with a call-to-action button that clearly tells them what to do next.

Principle 3: Segment lists

Campaigns that are sent to segmented lists can achieve up to a 760% increase in revenue from email. Segmenting your lists is extremely important when you want to send specific content to certain groups of people. Instead of sending one blanket campaign to your entire list, break it up to what's most important and relevant to each list. This can be more time consuming but the pay-off can be a steep increase in engagement and ultimately revenue.

Principle 4: Have fun with the design by using gifs, eye-catching graphics and more

Emails are an extension of your brand and should be treated as such. It's important that your email campaigns are aligned with the colors, fonts and branding you use across all your other customer touchpoints. This ensures a level of credibility and trust and helps users feel that it's safe to click through your email. With that said—using humor, being different and showing your creative side makes for smart marketing. Animated emails were all the rage in 2017—below is a graphic used in our own Holiday email campaign.

Gif. used in SoSocial's Holiday email campaign

Gif. used in SoSocial's Holiday email campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels available for businesses today. SoSocial helps brands build their list, develop engaging email campaigns and earn revenue for small businesses using email. If you have questions regarding email marketing, reach out—we'd love to chat! 

Lindsey SummersComment